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2016 Dynatek Product Catalogue

Dynatek PDF Document Download the Dynatek Dyna Performance Electronics Product Catalogue 2016

2015 Dynatek Product Catalogue

Dynatek PDF Document Download the Dynatek Dyna Performance Electronics Product Catalogue 2015

Dynatek Coil-on-Plug Coils
Dynatek Dyna Fusion EFI

Now available, the new Dynatek High Performance Coil-on-Plug (DCOP) coils offer increased spark energy as well as a factory replacement fit. Available for many newer model motorcycles with more models coming soon.
[Learn More]

Dynatek Dyna Fusion EFI
Dynatek Dyna Fusion EFI

Available for most Harley-Davidson, Sportbike, Metric Cruiser, and Off Road vehicles, the New Dynatek Fusion EFI uses RPM and throttle position inputs to base fuel adjustments on. In some cases additional inputs can be used such as cylinder head or water temperature as well as gear position or boost. [Learn More]

ATV - FS Ignitions for Quads
Dynatek FS Ignition

The Dyna FS for quads is our hottest new product this year. Direct Plug in Performance. As used by winning pro racers worldwide. Now available to you! Available with features that will let you customize your quad, and make it the trickest, fastest, baddest one around. [Learn More]

Dynatek Coil Kits
Dynatek ATV Coil Kits

Dyna Coil Kits is now offering our high output Mini Coils in a model specific kit with the necessary mounting hardware, wiring adapters and spark plug wire(s) for popular ATV applications. These kits take the hassle out of having to fabricate custom mounts for our coils. [Learn More]

Dynatek F.I. Controller
Dynatek FI Controller

The new Dyna Fuel Injection Controller is a plug in module that offers 3 user selectable base fuel curves that are designed to improve engine operation and can be modified to suit a wide variety of modifications. These adjustments are made via 3 potentiometers that adjust the fuel curve in the proper ranges for the application. Fuel mixture can be enriched or leaned as required. [Learn More]

Dyna ARC-2
ARC-2 CDI Ignition System

Dynatek has introduced the ARC-2 for 4 cylinder Motorcycle & Automobile applications. This CDI ignition is capable of producing over 50, 000 Volts at the spark plug, and has the highest spark energy of any CDI on the market. It is designed to optimize the ignition of the modified vehicles, providing the strong spark needed to develop peak power for turbocharged, nitrous oxide and high compression applications. [Learn More]

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