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Dynatek Pro Series Crank Trigger is a newly designed crankshaft pickup for use with the Dyna 2000 Sportbike. The Pro Series Pickup consists of a blue anodized aluminum base plate with two injection molded pickup assemblies. The Pro Series Crank Trigger is a superior pickup for the 4000 for the following reasons:

  • Improved noise margin - The Pro Series Crank Trigger provides a stronger pickup signal with more distinct high and low voltage levels for improved triggering of the 4000 in harsh environments.
  • Total immunity to engine grounding problems - The Pro Series Crank Trigger is electrically isolated from the engine case (unlike it's predecessor, the Dyna S), giving total immunity to electronic problems associated with inadequate engine grounding.
  • Shorter Module Height - The Pro Series Crank Trigger modules are 1/2" tall (Dyna S is 3/4" tall) allowing them to fit under GSXR ignition covers without modification.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Lower cost


The Dynatek Pro Series Crank Triggers


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Dyna 2000 Sportbike Crank Triggers Ignition System

Part No. Item Price
TSRAM Retard Module 2&4 Cyl Progressive £305.53
TSRM-3 Retard module 2 cyl. £305.53
DSC-2 Shift Counter (6 Speed) £211.89
DCT1-5 Crank Trigger Hon CB750,900,1100 £156.70
DCT1-6 Crank Trigger Hon CBR 600F £156.70
DCT1-10 Crank Trigger Hon CBR 600 F2,600 F3 £156.70
DCT1-10 Crank Trigger Hon CBR 1100XX £156.70
DCT1-10 Crank Trigger Hon CBR 900 RR £156.70
DCT2-1 Crank Trigger Kaw/KZ £156.70
DCT2-4 Crank Trigger Kaw ZX10 1000, ZX 1100, Ninja 900R/1000R £156.70
DCT2-7 Crank Trigger Kaw ZX7,ZX7R ZX7RR,ZX9R £156.70
DCT2-11 Crank Trigger 1998-2000 KawZX6 £156.70
DCT3-2 Crank Trigger Suz 750/1100/1150 £156.70
DCT3-3 Crank Trigger, Suz 86-92 GSXR, Bandit 1200 S, Katana 600/750/1100 £156.70
DCT3-4 Crank Trigger Suz 93-95 GSXR 750 WC, 93-97 GSXR 1100 WC £156.70
DCT7-1 Crank Trigger, Yamaha FJ 1100,1200 £156.70
DCTHD Crank Trigger HD £156.70
DBTR-1P Billet Timing Rotor 1979-1983 Hon CB 750/900/1100 £59.13
DBTR-2P Billet Timing Rotor 1973-1985 Kaw KZ 900/1000/1100 £59.13
DBTR-3P Billet Timing Rotor Suz GS 550,750,1000,1100 £59.13

NOTE: For all Dyna 2000 applications add 'A' to end of part number.