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Dynatek has introduced the ARC-2 for 4 cylinder Motorcycle applications. This CDI ignition is capable of producing over 50, 000 Volts at the spark plug, and has the highest spark energy of any CDI on the market. It is designed to optimize the ignition of the modified vehicles, providing the strong spark needed to develop peak power for turbocharged, nitrous oxide and high compression applications.

Intelligent Spark Profiling in the restrike mode allows for less delay between successive sparks. It also features a built in launch limiter for drag style launches as well as a built in retard mode. The lightweight and compact ignition will be offered in plug in kits for select motorcycles & automotive models that will make installation a breeze, with no need to cut into the stock harness. For other models, a universal install kit is available.



Operating Voltage: 8-20 Volts
Operating Current: 7.0A @ 10, 000 RPM
Maximum Operational RPM: 18, 000+ RPM
Ignition Inputs: 2 Rising or Falling Edge
Ignition Outputs: 2 Independent Channels
Coil Primary Energy Max: 189+ mJ
Coil Primary Voltage Max: 500+ V
Restrike Window: 25 Cranksahft Degrees
Launch Limiter Input: Single wire, ground to activate launch limit
Retard Input: Single wire, ground to activate timing retard
Tach Output: 12V square wave, 50% duty cycle
Dimensions: 4" x 4.6" x 1.4"
Weight: <1.25 lb.



ARC-2 - CDI Ignition System ARC-2 - CDI Ignition System


  • Smallest Ligthest CDI on the market
  • Over 189mJ delivered to the coil per spark, the highest of any other on the market
  • Over 500V to the coil primary
  • Over 50kV to the coil secondary (assuming a 100:1 coil)
  • Intelligent Spark Profiling (ISP) allows for less delay Suzuki between successive sparks
  • Spark Restrike up to 4500 RPM
  • Provides this high level of output from as low as 8 Volts from the battery
  • Works with any 2 coil OEM ignition, with or without fac ignitor (some systems may require replacement coils)
  • Built in launch limiter, works from 2000-11900 RPM
  • Built in fixed timing retard function
  • Tach output

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Dyna ARC-2

Part No. Item Price
DARC-2 Dynatek ARC-2 (Module Only, Requires Installation Kit) £335.09
DARC-UNI Arc-2 Installation Kit £83.77

Dyna ARC-2 For Honda

Part No. Item Price
DARC1-1 Dyna ARC-2 for Honda 1999-2003 CBR1100XX (includes Coils) £295.67

Dyna ARC-2 For Kawasaki

Part No. Item Price
DARC2-1 Dyna ARC-2 for Kawasaki 2000-2005 ZX12R £137.97
DARC2-2 Dyna ARC-2 for Kawasaki 2006-2007 ZX14 £137.97
DARC2-3 Dyna ARC-2 for Kawasaki 2003-2007 ZX10R0 £137.97

Dyna ARC-2 For Suzuki

Part No. Item Price
DARC3-1 Dyna ARC-2 for Suzuki 1999-2007 GSX1300R £137.97
DARC3-1 Dyna ARC-2 for Suzuki 2001-2007 GSX1000 £137.97
DARC3-1 Dyna ARC-2 for Suzuki 2000-2000 GSR750 £137.97

Dyna ARC-2 For Yamaha

Part No. Item Price
DARC7-1 R1 2007 £137.97