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Available for most Harley-Davidson, Sportbike, Metric Cruiser, and Off Road vehicles, the New Dynatek Fusion EFI uses RPM and throttle position inputs to base fuel adjustments on. In some cases additional inputs can be used such as cylinder head or water temperature as well as gear position or boost.

The Fusion EFI has 250 rpm resolution and 10 throttle position columns giving you up to 640 individual mapping points for fuel and an equal number for ignition timing (if ignition equipped). This is the kind of "point specific" adjustability that is necessary with today's bikes and the parts that are available for them.


  • USB powered from computer
  • 2 position map switching function built in - (map switch not included)
  • Gear position - (allows for map adjustment based on gear)
  • 10 throttle position columns
  • Built in Quick Shifter Adjustability - (adjustable per gear sensor and shift rods not included)
  • Enhanced "accel pump" utility
  • "Warm Up" fuel adjustment - (unit reads engine temp and allows fuel adjustments based on it)
  • Individual cylinder mapping
  • Analog input - (allows user to use any 0-5 volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost)

Dynatek Fusion EFI with Fuel and Ignition Control*

For select single and twin cylinder engines, fuel delivery and spark advance adjustments can now be made with the NEW Dynatek Fusion EFI with Fuel AND Ignition control*. Experience the best of both worlds! Another feature of the Fusion EFI with Fuel and Ignition is the ability to use any TWO of these functions at the same time: Map Switch, Quick Shifter, Pit Lane Speed Limiter, and Launch Control.

Features for Dynatek Fusion EFI with Fuel and Ignition Control

  • Allows +/-20 degrees of timing adjustment
  • Adjust timing per cylinder
  • Adjust timing per gear
  • Raise your Rev Limit (only available on select models)
  • Adjust timing based on temperature or boost inputs)
  • Built In Launch Limiter
  • Gear Position Timing
  • Boost/Nitrous Retard Timing
  • Pit Lane Limiter

(*Select models. All others offer fuel control only)


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Dyna Fusion EFI for Arctic Cat

Thundercat 1000 / XT FUEL & IGNITION2008-2013DFE-11-01112
1000 TRV FUEL & IGNITION2009DFE-11-01112

Dyna Fusion EFI for BMW

F700 GS2013DFE-12-013 
F800 GS2008-2013DFE-12-008 
F800 ST2007-2012DFE-12-009 
R1200 GS2008-2009DFE-12-001 
R1200 GS2010-2012DFE-12-014 
R1200 GS2013DFE-12-016 
R1200 R / RT2009-2012DFE-12-002 
K1300 S/R2009-2012DFE-12-004 

Dyna Fusion EFI for Bombardier

Commander 800 FUEL & IGNITION 2011-2013DFE-25-00712
Commander 1000 FUEL & IGNITION 2011-2013DFE-25-00812
Maverick FUEL & IGNITION2013DFE-25-01612

Dyna Fusion EFI for Harley-Davidson

883 Sportsters FUEL & IGNITION2007-2009DFE-15-001 
883 Sportsters FUEL & IGNITION2010-2013DFE-15-009 
883 Sportsters FUEL & IGNITION2014DFE-15-017 
1200 Sportsters FUEL & IGNITION2007-2009DFE-15-002 
1200 Sportsters FUEL & IGNITION2010-2013DFE-15-010 
1200 Sportsters FUEL & IGNITION2014DFE-15-018 
XR1200 FUEL & IGNITION2009-2012DFE-15-015 
Touring Models FUEL & IGNITION2002-2006DFE-15-027 
Touring Models FUEL & IGNITION2007DFE-15-028 
Touring Models FUEL & IGNITION2008-2013DFE-15-011 
Touring Models FUEL & IGNITION2014DFE-15-019 
Softail Models FUEL & IGNITION2001-2006DFE-15-024 
Softail Models FUEL & IGNITION2007-2011DFE-15-004 
Softail Models FUEL & IGNITION2012-2014DFE-15-021 
Softail Deluxe / Heritage FUEL & IGNITION2009-2011DFE-15-007 
Dyna Models FUEL & IGNITION2004-2005DFE-15-025 
Dyna Models FUEL & IGNITION2006-2011DFE-15-005 
Dyna Models FUEL & IGNITION2012-2014DFE-15-022 
V-Rod FUEL & IGNITION2002-2007DFE-15-026 
V-Rod FUEL & IGNITION2008-2011DFE-15-006 
V-Rod FUEL & IGNITION2012-2014DFE-15-023 

Dyna Fusion EFI for Honda

CRF250R FUEL & IGNITION2010-2013DFE-16-02612
CRF250R FUEL & IGNITION2014DFE-16-050 
CRF450 FUEL & IGNITION2010-2012DFE-16-02712
CRF450 FUEL & IGNITION2013DFE-16-03712
Foreman FUEL & IGNITION2012-2014DFE-16-02812
CBR500R / CB500 FUEL & IGNITION2013-2014DFE-16-03912
CBR 600 RR2003-2006DFE-16-0234,7
CBR 600 RR2007-2012DFE-16-0015,7
CBR 600 RR2013-2014DFE-16-041 
Big Red FUEL AND IGNITION2009-2013DFE-16-03312
VT750 models FUEL AND IGNITION2009-2014DFE-16-01712
VFR 800 VTec2006-2009DFE-16-005 
CBR 1000 RR 2004-2007DFE-16-0225,7
CBR 1000 RR 2008-2011DFE-16-0027
CBR 1000 RR 2012-2013DFE-16-0347
CB1000R 2008-2014DFE-16-013 
VT1300 Models FUEL & IGNITION2010-2014DFE-16-02512
VTX 1800 FUEL & IGNITION2002-2008DFE-16-0356,12
Goldwing 2001-2005DFE-16-042 
Goldwing 2006-2008DFE-16-043 
Goldwing 2009-2013DFE-16-044 

Dyna Fusion EFI for Kawasaki

KFX450 FUEL & IGNITION2008-2014DFE-17-03612
ZX-6 R2007-2008DFE-17-0267
ZX-6 R2009-2012DFE-17-0037,9
ZX-6 R2013-2014DFE-17-047 
EX650R / ER6n / Versys FUEL & IGNITION2006-2011DFE-17-03012
EX650R / ER6n / Versys FUEL & IGNITION2012-2014DFE-17-04212
Brute Force 750 FUEL & IGNITION2008-2011DFE-17-03112
Brute Force 750 FUEL & IGNITION2012-2014DFE-17-03912
Teryx FUEL & IGNITION2009-2013DFE-17-03712
Teryx 4 FUEL & IGNITION2012-2013DFE-17-04413
Teryx / 4 FUEL & IGNITION2014DFE-17-054 
VN900 FUEL & IGNITION2006-2013DFE-17-0329,12
Z1000 / Ninja 10002010-2013DFE-17-0219
ZG1400 Concours2008-2009DFE-17-0139
ZG1400 Concours2010-2014DFE-17-0229
Vulcan 1700 Models FUEL & IGNITION2009-2014DFE-17-03312
Vulcan 2000 FUEL & IGNITION2008-2011DFE-17-03411,12

Dyna Fusion EFI for Polaris

Sportsman 550 FUEL & IGNITION2009-2014DFE-19-01612
RZR 570 FUEL & IGNITION2012-2014DFE-19-01512
Ranger RZR / S FUEL & IGNITION2008-2010DFE-19-01312
Ranger RZR / S / 4 FUEL & IGNITION2011-2014DFE-19-01112
Sportsman 850 FUEL & IGNITION2009-2011DFE-19-01412
Sportsman 850 FUEL & IGNITION2012DFE-19-01812
Ranger XP900 FUEL & IGNITION2013-2014DFE-19-02012
RZR XP900 FUEL & IGNITION2011DFE-19-01212
RZR XP900 FUEL & IGNITION2012-2014DFE-19-01712
RZR XP1000 FUEL & IGNITION2014DFE-19-021 

Dyna Fusion EFI for Suzuki

KingQuad 400 FUEL AND IGNITION2011-2014DFE-20-026 
GSXR 6002006-2010DFE-20-0057
GSXR 6002011-2014DFE-20-0287
SV 650 & SV 650 S2009-2010DFE-20-009 
DL 650 (V-Strom)2007-2011DFE-20-003 
DL 650 (V-Strom) FUEL AND IGNITION2012-2014DFE-20-032 
GSXR 7502006-2010DFE-20-0067
GSXR 7502011-2014DFE-20-0297
DL 1000 (V-Strom)2002-2012DFE-20-017 
GSXR 10002005-2006DFE-20-0257
GSXR 10002007-2008DFE-20-0247
GSXR 10002009-2014DFE-20-0077
Bandit 12502007-2009DFE-20-010 
GSX1250F 2010-2012DFE-20-021 
GSX 1300 Hayabusa 2002-2007DFE-20-023 
GSX 1300 Hayabusa2008-2014DFE-20-0087
B King2008-2012DFE-20-0047

Dyna Fusion EFI for Yamaha

WR250X/R FUEL & IGNITION2008-2014DFE-22-04312
YFZ450 R / X FUEL & IGNITION2009-2014DFE-22-04412
YZ450F FUEL & IGNITION2010-2013DFE-22-04512
YZ450F FUEL & IGNITION2014DFE-22-063 
YZF 600 R6S2009DFE-22-001 
YZF 600 R62008-2009DFE-22-0051,7
YZF 600 R62010-2014DFE-22-0311,7
FZ6 Fazer2004-2009DFE-22-014 
Raptor FUEL & IGNITION2006-2014DFE-22-04612
Rhino 700 FUEL & IGNITION2008-2013DFE-22-04712
Viking FUEL & IGNITION2014DFE-22-061 
FZ8 / Fazer2011-2012DFE-22-0401
XV950 FUEL & IGNITION2009-2014DFE-22-0481,12
Bolt 9502014DFE-22-0351,12
YZF R12004-2006DFE-22-037 
YZF R12007-2008DFE-22-036 
YZF R12009-2011DFE-22-0061,7
YZF R12012-2014DFE-22-0541,7
FJR 13002006-2012DFE-22-017 
FJR 13002013-2014DFE-22-056 
XVS1300 FUEL & IGNITION2007-2014DFE-22-04912
Stryker FUEL & IGNITION2011-2014DFE-22-04212
Road Star FUEL & IGNITION2008-2014DFE-22-05012
Road Star Warrior2002-2009DFE-22-011 
Stratoliner / Roadliner2006-2014DFE-22-012 

Application Notes

1 - Includes single channel O2 Optimizer

3 - Includes dual channel O2 Optimizer

4 - Optional Oxygen Sensor Eliminator required for California and some Overseas Models -
* = 2 Eliminators Required - part #76423005

5 - Optional Oxygen Sensor Eliminator required for some Overseas Models
* = 2 Eliminators Required - part #76423008

6 - Optional Oxygen Sensor Eliminator required for California "C" Models,
2 Eliminators Required for California "Retro" Models - part #76423005

7 - Requires additional Dynojet hardware for quickshifter to function - call Dynojet

9 - European models require O2 optimizer for closed loop control

11 - Optional Oxygen eliminator available for California and European models - part #76423007

12 - Includes Ignition adjustment